Manda K Photo


Amanda Kari McHugh has been shooting since 2001 starting mostly with landscapes and documentary photography. For over a decade she considered herself a "purist" as she would only shoot in film. However when film, processing and scans were eating up all of her money, she realized that photography was so much more than a hobby for her; It was an all-consuming passion. To feed this passion and also to be able to shoot her documentary footage whenever the story needed it, she took all of the money she had earned from working as a hair model, slept on a couch for a month and invested it into a Canon 7D with all the fixings. 

Since this investment, Amanda hasn't stopped shooting. "When I'm looking through a lens, everything around me disappears. Nothing else matters except what I'm seeing through my camera" she says.

Since "going pro" she has expanded far beyond her usual landscape routine. She has found a special knack for candids and a love for party and festival photography, taking in the scene and capturing the overall mood of each particular party and the wild personalities that come out of those events' guests.

As a headshot photographer, Amanda has an edge that most other headshot photographers lack: she has worked as a professional actress (SAG-AFTRA) for over 13 years. With this experience, she understands what agents are looking for, what books the job and how actors like to be treated by their photographers. She speaks the "actors language" and can therefore best direct them to create the most natural and stunning headshots possible, bringing out the essence of the actor. 

As a set photographer, Amanda's edge comes from working on sets as both an art director as well as an actress. Between her knack for candids and her knowledge of "set etiquette," set photography comes naturally to Amanda.

Since October of 2013, Amanda has been fortunate enough to self-finance a bi-coastal lifestyle between LA and NYC. Her love for travel and adventure compliments a photographer's life. As a freelance photographer, she's available for bookings on both coasts. Prices may vary depending on where she is currently based. 


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